Tart Cherry Juice

Blended with 99% Juice

• Not from Concentrate, No Water Added
• No Artificial Colors & Flavors, No Preservatives
• Helps to Maintain Healthy Joint Function
• Provides protection against Muscle injury
• Helps to Fight painful Gout, maintains healthy uric acid levels
• Rich in Melatonin, helps to Improve Sleep Quality
• Contains polyphenols, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.


Tart cherries, also known as sour, dwarf or Montmorency cherries, are a species of Prunus in the subgenus Cerasus (cherries), native to much of Europe and southwest Asia.
Compared to sweet cherries, which tend to be enjoyed fresh, tart cherries are often consumed dried, frozen or juiced. Tart cherry juice contains a variety of nutrients, including Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium… In addition, it’s also a good source of phenolic compounds, such as: Cyclo‐oxygenase inhibitory flavonoids, anthocyanins…, with high antioxidant and anti‐inflammatory properties. This has led to speculation that cherry consumption may be effective in alleviating inflammatory symptoms.

Tart cherries consist of an array of nutrients, such as:

• Polyphenol

• Anthocyanins

• Fiber

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin C 

• Manganese

• Potassium

• Copper

• Vitamin K 

Tart cherry juice which research has shown to mediate inflammation associated with exercise and arthritis naturally because of its antioxidant content. Tart cherry juice contains flavanols, anthocyanins, and phenols that are delivered to the muscles, it follows that this particular juice is able to ward off a good number of pathologies that are associated with inflammation that can provide protection for the body against injuries caused by inflammation and speed muscle recovery. In addition, anthocyanins would increase resistance to oxidative damage after an acute stress, an effect that could potentially dramatically improve resistance to morbidity and mortality in older adults. It also contains naturally melatonin to help improve sleep.

•Increase Strength and Reduce Muscle Soreness

• Might reduce pain

• Help You Sleep Better

• Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis and Gout

• Antioxidant

• Anti-inflammatory

• Anti-cancer

• Reduce blood pressure

DIRECTIONS:Take 30ml-120ml per day. Please mix well before take it.